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Arrogant Andrew can’t hide behind uniforms, titles and his mum


Prince Andrew can no longer play in the disguise box.

ndrew was gutted last week when he was stripped of his many and varied invented titles, but could we stop saying Andrew and stripped in the same sentence. That’s how he got all this trouble in the first place.

The prince will now have to fight Virginia Giuffre’s claims that he is a dirty old man as a “private citizen”, according to a statement from his 95-year-old mother.

He will then tell us that she cut her pocket money. Under these circumstances, the queen probably wants to cut something else.

His former army buddies had been demanding for some time that the friend of the world’s most famous sex trafficker and deviant general Jeffrey Epstein cut his ties.

Among the titles he must now return to his mother is Colonel-in-Chief of the Princess Louise Fusiliers of Canada. Is this the bakery division?

He had to give up so-called leadership roles in the navy, army, and air force, but with all that sailing, fighting, and flying, he still somehow integrated himself, allegedly, with a teenager. In this famous photo of Andrew, allegedly taken by sex offender Epstein, standing next to sex offender Ghislaine Maxwell, he is in his 40s and Virginia is 17. I think the legal term is ewwww.

It has been reported that brother and nephew Charles and William were behind the decision to set Andrew adrift when a New York judge ruled he should answer Virginia’s sexual assault allegations.

Royal and ruthless. It’s a killer combo.

In a move worthy of ninth in line to the British throne, Andrew’s argument was that his deceased sex offender friend had paid her, the deal was full and final and therefore action against him could not commence .

He also tried to argue that she didn’t live in America, as well as cast doubt on her character. There is a chance of a quick settlement.

The only good news for the 61-year-old is that he can cover his own legal costs now that he has finally managed to unload his Swiss ski chalet for almost £18million.

I say his cottage, but he still owes the previous owner £6.6million. It takes on a spectacular level of arrogance, but what Andrew lacks in brains, empathy and reality check he makes up for in his condescension to little people.

He’s about to discover that little people have a voice, and he can’t hide behind uniforms, titles, or his mom anymore.


Royal Mail has announced a special set of stamps to celebrate the Rolling Stones (Royal Mail/PA)

Royal Mail has announced a special set of stamps to celebrate the Rolling Stones (Royal Mail/PA)

The Rolling Stones have been honored with a series of commemorative stamps, as rock ‘n’ roll as their decades of shrewd financial management.

Charlie Watts, who died last year at 80, is honored as the band’s cornerstone, despite sounding like your grandmother on drums.

At least Keith Richards and Ronnie Woods still have an air of danger, as well as an air of hair dye, weed and Werther’s Originals


Novak Djokovic angered many in Australia when he announced he was traveling to Melbourne with a medical exemption from the requirements for visitors to be vaccinated against Covid-19.  Photo: Tess Derry

Novak Djokovic angered many in Australia when he announced he was traveling to Melbourne with a medical exemption from the requirements for visitors to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Photo: Tess Derry

Novak Djokovic angered many in Australia when he announced he was traveling to Melbourne with a medical exemption from the requirements for visitors to be vaccinated against Covid-19. Photo: Tess Derry

NOVAK Djokovic may be the best tennis player in the world, but he can’t understand.

He was only allowed to enter Australia on a technicality when Border Force officials did not give him enough time to submit documents.

And in all the confusion he totally forgot he had been to Spain, did an interview after testing positive for Covid, then had to blame everything on his agent.

Stay classy Novak.

Aussies are now trying to kick it out again because you can’t hold a tennis racket while sticking two fingers at people.

It doesn’t matter how the play is read.

Read the country.

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Covid travel: The Holiday Guru tackles readers’ travel issues


The Holiday Guru is always available to answer your questions.

Here he helps one reader ask a question about Spain’s entry requirements and advises another – who finds the prospect of traveling abroad “overwhelming” – on the best ways to book a stay.

Q. We have booked a trip to America next month. My kids and I had Covid last month and the Centers for Disease Control website says the US accepts documentation of Covid recovery within 90 days. How can we get this? Also, we are aiming to fly from New York to Florida on the trip – what are the rules?

– Becky Metcalfe, via email

Strict: Visitors to America, including Miami Florida, above, face tough regulations

A. Ten days after recording a positive PCR test on your NHS Covid Pass, a Recovery Pass will automatically appear on it, in addition to your Covid jabs.

To travel to the United States you must have proof that you are fully vaccinated and have had a negative Covid test 24 hours prior to travel or such proof of recovery.

The latter might be necessary as people who have recently had Covid can still test positive beyond ten days, despite being officially clear.

Children under 17 traveling with vaccinated parents do not need to be tested. In the United States, the rules vary from state to state. It is best to check “Domestic travel during COVID-19” on cdc.gov.

Q. Will it be a cheap or expensive year to travel?

-Richard Knox, via email

A. Everything indicates that travel to Europe will be extremely cheap. Return flights to Rome are as low as £20 from Stansted in February with Ryanair, which also has Manchester to Seville returns from £53 in March and Edinburgh-Paris returns from £30 in February (ryanair.com).

Everything indicates that travel to Europe will be extremely cheap this year, according to the Holiday Guru.  Round-trip February flights from Edinburgh to Paris (pictured) with Ryanair cost £30

Everything indicates that travel to Europe will be extremely cheap this year, according to the Holiday Guru. Round-trip February flights from Edinburgh to Paris (pictured) with Ryanair cost £30

Q. Can I enter Spain without being vaccinated?

-Edward Jenkins, via email

A. No. All visitors to Spain over the age of 12 must be fully vaccinated and complete an online health check form. See Spain’s “entry requirements” on gov.uk.

Q. As we are now outside the EU, I think when we go to a Schengen country we need our passport stamped on entry and departure.

Failure to have it stamped risks not being allowed to return to a country at a later date, as you cannot prove that you have not exceeded the 90-day limit.

We have booked two cruises to Schengen countries next year. Will we be dabbed?

-Ron Lewis, via email

A. Stamps must be given on entry/exit. Soon, however – probably within the next six months – the EU will introduce a new computer system known as the entry/exit system which will automatically register movements. View Entry/Exit System at ec.europa.eu. When this happens, patches may not be needed.

The Holiday Guru helps reader who was forced to cancel EasyJet flights

The Holiday Guru helps reader who was forced to cancel EasyJet flights

Q. My nerves are broken after making an easyJet booking for Belfast-Lanzarote flights (£653) and then canceled due to my husband’s poor health. I showed medical certificates but was only offered a voucher for his flight and the possibility of rescheduling mine.

We are retirees. I don’t know if my husband will fly again and I wouldn’t fly without him. Can you help ?

– Moyra and Patrick McSherry, Donaghadee, Northern Ireland

A. EasyJet has reviewed your situation and will refund both fares in full.

Q I’m tired of taking tests, I don’t like bureaucratic forms and I find the prospect of traveling abroad overwhelming. Do you have any travel tips?

-Sarah Silverman, via email

A. Yes: book soon. Cottages, vacation homes and hotel rooms are snapping up. For chalets, try ruralretreats.co.uk, sykescottages.co.uk, cottages.com and originalcottages.co.uk.

For hotels, it’s usually best to book directly through hotel websites, which often have the lowest prices and often offer special offers at this time of year.


If you need advice, the Holiday Guru is here to answer your questions. Email holidayplanner@dailymail.co.uk

Jumio: 2021 was the year of consolidation


Companies have started to strengthen their identity verification protections against the increase in security threats from hackers and fraud in 2021, says Bala Kumar, chief product officer at Jumio. This year, look for them to consolidate the information they now get from multiple vendors into a single, comprehensive platform. Read his thoughts in the PYMNTS Ebook, “In a nutshell: 50 thought leaders sum up 2021.”

We’ve seen fraudsters become increasingly sophisticated in 2021, taking advantage of vulnerabilities and the inadequate security perimeter of remote working. Due to these growing threats, companies are now layering countless risk signals from multiple Know Your Customer (KYC) providers to protect their ecosystems from hacking. These factors have made 2021 “the year of consolidation” for the identity verification industry.

Enterprises are now moving towards a single, comprehensive platform that consolidates these capabilities to confirm user identities and maintain compliance effectively and efficiently. It is expected that by 2023, 75% of organizations will leverage a single vendor with strong identity verification capabilities and connections instead of using various other third-party solutions for identity verification and affirmation. identity, an increase from less than 15% in 2020.

In the past, organizations used countless solutions to verify the identity of users, review their identification and supporting documents, authenticate them after each visit, ensure that they are not on any watchlists by performing checks ongoing, managing investigations, monitoring their transactions and reporting suspicious activity. However, this approach is not only costly and complicated, but also fails to properly detect financial crime and properly verify the user’s identity. Data remains fractured across business unit silos and valuable insights are not shared across customer touchpoints.

By using multiple vendors for verification, organizations may face risks of non-compliance with regulations such as KYC, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Data Privacy and Markets Directive. financial instruments (MiFID). These regulations require companies to identify and report illegal activities such as terrorist financing or money laundering to regulators. Businesses with non-compliant identity verification and transaction monitoring solutions can lose customer trust, fall victim to fraud, and face costly fines.

Using a consolidated provider allows companies to orchestrate the controls and assurances needed to know and trust their end users, and helps them achieve high capture rates and low false positives. More importantly, it also links related transactions, underlying attributes, and risk signals to provide a holistic view of every individual and transaction at every customer touchpoint.

Additionally, it provides a more seamless user experience that verifies consumer or employee data, while providing enhanced authentication using a document such as a government-issued ID. There are also unified platforms that not only assess an individual’s risk, but also the devices associated with them, the credentials they provide, and their facial biometrics, all through a single layer of programming interface. application (API). Given these benefits, we can expect to see even more vendor consolidation in KYC in 2022 and beyond.



On:More than half of US consumers believe biometric authentication methods are faster, more convenient and more reliable than passwords or PINs. So why do less than 10% use them? PYMNTS, in collaboration with Mitek, surveyed over 2,200 consumers to better define this perception in relation to the usage gap and identify ways companies can increase usage.

Local politicians weigh in on non-citizen voting bill


New York City Mayor Eric Adams took to CNN’s State of the Union last week to praise a recently passed law that would allow 800,000 non-citizens to vote in elections. municipal, provided they have lived in the city for at least thirty years. days.

“I think it’s imperative that the people who are in a local municipality have the right to decide who is going to govern them,” Adams told host Jake Tapper while discussing the measure.

Supporters of the bill – known as Intro 1867 – include names such as former council member turned transport commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez, who believes such measures are important because they will help include the voices of immigrants in local elections.

“We build stronger democracy when we include immigrant voices,” Rodriguez posted on his Twitter account, echoing a statement made by City Council Speaker Corey Johnson who said the bill will “expand democracy in New York to make sure people are more connected to civic and local issues in an equitable way.”

“At a time when democracy itself is under threat across the world, I applaud current and former members of City Council for last month’s courageous vote to enfranchise nearly one million of our neighbors, as well as the countless defenders who have fought tirelessly for years to make this victory possible,” Queens Borough President Donovan Richards Jr added in a comment to The Wave. “Our city and our democracy today is a fairer place and stronger through their dedication and activism.”

However, not everyone is so enthusiastic about the idea. Former mayor Bill De Blasio, before leaving office, said he had “mixed feelings” about the bill and expressed concerns about the legality of the legislation, while the local councilor of the District 31 and City Council Majority Selvena Brooks-Powers had her own reservations about the legislation.

District 31 Councilwoman and City Council Majority Whip Selvena Brooks-Powers had her own reservations about the legislation.

“I am proud to support the fundamental intent of Intro 1867. I am a first generation American, and all my life I have seen firsthand the profound role that immigrants like my parents play in our communities. Permanent residents contribute to the strength of our local economy and the vitality of our neighbourhoods. They deserve to have a voice in our municipal elections,” Brooks-Powers told The Wave earlier this week.

“My primary concern with 1867 as passed is the 30-day residency requirement based on voter feedback,” Brooks-Powers added. “Although I received commitments to resolve my issue, no action was taken, which prevented me from supporting the bill as it was drafted and passed. Out of respect for those who m sent to mayor, my vote must be an extension of their voice. The Council cannot simply act as an automatic rubber stamp on major issues. We have a responsibility to advance and perfect legislation through a informed process that gives us time to address any concerns.

In order to prevent the bill from being implemented, Republicans in the region are considering taking the matter to court, where they hope to secure an injunction against the Board of Elections that would ban the BOE from collecting and counting votes. non-citizens.

“Councillor Ariola believes voting is the right of American citizens,” a spokeswoman for new District 32 Councilwoman Joann Ariola told The Wave. “There are so many immigrants who have come to this country and become citizens, who also oppose this legislation. We need to review our immigration laws and work harder to make it easier for immigrants who come to this country to become citizens.

District 32 Councilwoman Joann Ariola is among those who signed the lawsuit to block a recently passed law that would allow 800,000 noncitizens to vote in municipal elections.

Ariola is among those who signed the lawsuit to block the bill, joining councilors David Carr (R-Staten Island) Joe Borelli (R-Staten Island) and Robert Holden (D-Queens), councilors Inna Vernikov ( R- Brooklyn) and Vickie Paladino (R- Queens), Assemblymen Michael Reilly (R South Shore) and Michael Tannousis (R- Staten Island/Southern Brooklyn), New York Republican Speaker Nick Langworthy, Rep. Nicole Malliotakis (R-NY) and Staten Island Borough President Vito Fossella, among others.

Republicans cite one section of the New York State Constitution in particular — Article 2, Section 1 — as grounds for their case. According to this article, the right to vote is granted to “every citizen” aged 18 or over.

“Every citizen has the right to vote at every election for all officers elected by the people and on all questions put to the vote of the people provided that such citizen is eighteen years of age or older and has been a resident of that state, and county, city, or town for the 30 days before an election,” this article of the state constitution reads.

The wording of Article 2, Section 5 is also used to support the Republican position, which states that “laws shall be made to determine, by proper evidence, the citizens who shall be entitled to the right of suffrage hereby established, and for voter registration” – the word “citizen” being the key term for opponents of the bill.

“Anyone who reads New York State’s election law in plain English can see that it prohibits foreign citizens from voting,” said Councilman Joe Borelli, the city council’s new minority leader.

“Anyone who reads New York State’s election law in plain English can see that it prohibits foreign citizens from voting,” said Councilman Joe Borelli, the City Council’s new Minority Leader and one of those who signed the lawsuit. “The public should look into Section 5-102 to fully understand how their city government is deliberately violating the law without regard.”

Spoon announces US tour dates


Spoon has announced an upcoming series of US shows in support of his upcoming album, Lucifer on the couch. The tour will kick off February 8 in Santa Ana, Calif., three days before the LP’s February 11 release, and wrap up nearly four months later in Phoenix.

For select dates, the band will be backed by Brooklyn-based rock band Geese; singer-songwriter Margaret Glaspy will be on other dates. Tickets can be purchased from January 21 to group website.

A full list of concert dates can be viewed below.

“It’s the sound of classic rock written by a guy who never had Eric Clapton,” Spoon frontman Britt Daniel said of the new album in a press release. It is the band’s 10th studio album and the first to be recorded in their hometown of Austin in over a decade.

Earlier this week, Spoon released another song from Lucifer on the couch, following ZZ Top’s inspired “The Hardest Cut” last year. You can watch the video for “Wild” below.

Spoon 2022 US Tour
February 8 – Santa Ana, CA @ Observatory
April 6 – Boston, MA @ House of Blues#
April 8 – New Haven, CT @ College Street Music Hall #
April 9 – Richmond, Virginia @ The National #
April 11 – Washington, DC @ 9:30 a.m. Club#
April 15 – Philadelphia, PA @ The Fillmore #
April 16 – New York, NY @ Hammerstein Ballroom#
April 18 – Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore Detroit#
April 19 – Chicago, Il @ The Riviera Theater #
April 22 – St. Paul, MN @ Palace Theater #
April 23 – Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave#
April 25 – Columbia, MO @ The Blue Note#
April 28 – Wilmington, NC @ Greenfield Lake Amphitheater #
April 29 – Atlanta, Georgia @ Shaky Knees Festival
May 24 – Denver, CO @ Mission Ballroom *
May 25 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The Complex*
May 27 – Napa, CA @ BottleRock
May 31 – Solana Beach, CA @ Belly Up*
June 2 – Los Angeles, CA @ Palladium*
June 3 – Tucson, AZ @ The Rialto Theater*
June 4 – Phoenix, AZ @ The Van Buren*

#with Margaret Glaspy
*with geese

2022 Classic Rock Tour and Festival Preview

More and more artists are returning to the stage.

The Queen’s £10million hobby she’s carried on since her ancestry


The royal family is famous the world over for their weird and wonderful habits and pastimes, some of which date back hundreds of years of history.

Whether it’s playing polo, driving horse-drawn carriages or hunting grouse, members of the royal family have very exclusive and classy hobbies.

But did you know that even some of the most privileged people in the world enjoy the same comforts as us?

READ MORE: Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s lunches at posh London school are the stuff dreams are made of

The Queen loves philately

It seems stamp collecting has proven to be a therapeutic hobby for many royals throughout the ages. As normal as it sounds, in royal fashion, the family’s stamp collection is valued at £10million.

The Queen is the fifth royal to be added to the famous royal philatelic collection, following its inauguration by Queen Victoria’s son Prince Alfred in 1864.

The prince sold his collection to his brother, the future King Edward VII, who in turn gave it to his son, King George V and she then passed it on to King George VI and finally to the Queen.

Stamps first came into circulation on May 6, 1840 at the start of Queen Victoria’s reign, when it only cost a penny to send a letter that weighed less than half an ounce.

Universal History Archive/Universal Pictures Group via Getty Images
King George V was famous for his love of stamp collecting

Of all the royal keepers, King George V was very dedicated to maintaining and growing the collection.

While still Duke of York, Prince George was made Honorary Vice-President of what would become the Royal Philatelic Society of London in 1893.

He also received a book containing 1,500 stamps on his wedding day to Princess Mary of Teck from his fellow society members.

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King George V’s dedication to his hobby knew no bounds, and he even set the record for the highest price ever paid for a stamp.

In 1904, a courtier asked the prince if he had seen “that some damn fool had paid as much as £1,450 for a single stamp”.

George replied, “Yeah, I’m that damn fool”.

King George V was known as ‘England’s Grandfather’ to his young granddaughter

The pleasure of stamp collecting has passed from grandfather to granddaughter. Queen Elizabeth – who called King George V “grandfather of England” – inherited his 328 stamp albums.

Royal expert Phil Dampier told Fabulous Digital: ‘The Queen loves to show visitors her stamp collection, heads of state who stay at Buckingham Palace say.

“It’s one of her prides and joys, not only because she owns some of the most valuable stamps in the world, but also because she’s built on a family treasure and feels to have done the pride of his father and of the former monarchs who owned it.”

Richard Stonehouse - WPA Pool/Getty Images
The Queen left her mark on the collection

The Queen not only left the collection as it was, she added to it.

The rarest and most expensive addition was a Mauritius stamp worth £2 million. It was featured in a traveling exhibition to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002.

The stamp is one of the most prized in the world and was issued by the Colonial Post Office of Mauritius in 1847.

The Queen also spent £250,000 on a unique set of 10 Penny Blacks dated the first day they came into circulation, May 6, 1840.

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NH Police say they received 300 tips looking for Harmony Montgomery, reward fund rises to $ 104,000


The Manchester, NH, Police Department have received around 300 clues about the disappearance of a girl who has been missing for more than two years, and the information reward fund has risen to $ 104,000, officials said on Wednesday. responsible.

Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg said detectives were checking all tips sent over the 24-hour hotline, which was set up exclusively to get information on the whereabouts of Harmony Montgomery, 7 . Anyone with information can call 603-203-6060.

“I have to be hopeful, the public must be hopeful,” Aldenberg said in a briefing with reporters on Wednesday which was broadcast online by WMUR-TV.

“That’s why I always come back to ‘someone knows something’,” he said. “Until someone tells me otherwise or shows me something concrete and valuable that says she isn’t, then this investigation is oriented as if Harmony is still alive.”

Police opened an investigation into Harmony’s disappearance on December 27. She was last seen by police in Manchester on September 11, 2019, during a service call to her home, the chief said.

Aldenberg previously said Harmony was last seen in October 2019. On Wednesday he admitted to having given “an inappropriate date”.

Police arrested Harmony’s father, Adam Montgomery, last week and charged him with second-degree assault, allegedly against Harmony. A Massachusetts juvenile court granted Montgomery custody of Harmony in February 2019.

Montgomery’s ex-wife Kayla Montgomery was indicted last week on one count of welfare fraud for allegedly raising over $ 1,500 in food stamps for Harmony after her death. disappearance.

The New Hampshire attorney general’s office said on Tuesday it would drop the charge and add criminal theft by deception in addition to eight misdemeanors, which allege she made an “intentional statement or misrepresentation” to obtain public assistance to which she was not entitled, according to prosecutors and court records.

Kayla Montgomery, 31, is not Harmony’s biological mother. She is expected to be brought to justice on the new charges on Thursday.

Neither Adam nor Kayla Montgomery have been charged with Harmony’s disappearance.

Police ended their search on Monday at a Manchester house where Harmony lived. The residence at 77 Gilford St., where another family now lives, was searched over the weekend and January 2, but police did not say if any evidence was found or if more searches were planned. Aldenberg said the current residents of the house have cooperated with investigators.

Aldenberg said on Wednesday that donations to the reward fund were pouring in from businesses and individuals from New Hampshire and beyond.

“They care about another human being,” he said. “They are taking care of a little girl who is missing. It’s their way of asking, “What can I do?” “”

Nick Stoico can be reached at nick.stoico@globe.com. Follow him on twitter @NickStoico.

Crushing student debt prompts parents to postpone retirement


Patricia Rizzo, 62, owes the federal government more than $ 126,000. But what started out as an investment in her daughter’s future is affecting her own prospects.

A single mother, she earns about $ 40,000 a year working in a drug addiction clinic in New Jersey. She hopes to get an addiction counseling certification soon that could increase her salary, but admits that she is far from zeroing her balance.

“What I’m looking for right now is paying it over 20 years, which will make me 82,” Rizzo said.

She joins a growing list of parents aged 60 and over who are delaying their retirement because of Parent PLUS Loans, a program started in the early 1980s to help parents pay for their children’s college education. A recent NerdWallet survey found that for up to 26 percent of parents or guardians with Parent PLUS, also known as Direct PLUS, loan debt will not go down as originally planned.

Rizzo said she took out seven Parent PLUS loans to pay for her daughter’s eight semesters at Skidmore College in New York City.

Patricia Rizzo with her daughter’s Skidmore College diploma.News now

She said providing a quality education for her daughter was so important that she moved to the affluent New Jersey town of Ridgewood so that Emily, now 26, could attend public schools in high level. Rizzo encouraged his daughter to attend the best college possible, no matter the cost.

“I felt like going to college, I didn’t want to hurt my kids,” said Rizzo, who also has a son, adding that she had attended workshops at her daughter’s high school to learn more about the options financial aid to the university.

What started as a loan plan for middle-income families has grown into a large-scale program with few restrictions, said Rachel Fishman, deputy director of education policy research at New America, a Washington think tank. .

“You can see parents easily take out tens of thousands of dollars in loans each year,” she said. “And then at the end of an undergraduate career, they can easily rack up over $ 100,000.”

Fishman said she is seeing more and more low- and middle-income families take over.

“What is very different is that this is not a co-signed loan,” she said. “It’s a loan that a parent takes out in their own name; the student has no responsibility to repay this loan.

To qualify for a Parent PLUS loan, borrowers must undergo a credit check, but there is essentially no cap on the amount they can borrow, and parents or guardians can withdraw up to the full cost. of schooling.

“Just because a parent gets the loan doesn’t mean the federal government thinks that parent can actually repay the loan,” Fishman said. “All they did was see if the parent had a negative credit history or not. ”

Parent PLUS loan interest rates are set based on the year they were taken out, but many families borrow more than they can afford, she said.

From 2005 to 2015, the average amount of student debt for borrowers aged 60 and over doubled, according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Most of this debt goes to their children or grandchildren.

In Rizzo’s case, the interest on his seven loans ranges from 6 to 7 percent. She has not started making payments due to the rising cost of living, other debts and the pandemic. She said she intended to pay but hopes relief will materialize.

After several extensions, the Biden administration suspended student loan payments until May 1, which, in part, freezes interest rates at zero.

Historically, efforts to reduce the eligibility ladder for Parent PLUS loans have been quickly pushed back.

Some critics and experts say eliminating the program in particular or student debt in general would cost the government Billions or even Billions of dollars. An Obama administration effort to reduce the number of eligible Parent PLUS borrowers sparked a backlash from historically black colleges and universities, who claimed affected registration. This decision prompted threats of legal proceedings and a lot critical.

Emily, Patricia Rizzo’s daughter. Courtesy of Patricia Rizzo

The impact of Parent PLUS loans on borrowers of various walks of life is difficult to quantify, experts say, but the reality is that it leaves many parents and guardians heavily in debt. While officials debate whether to partially or fully write off student debt, a loan can end without repayment in several ways.

They include a discharge, which usually occurs when a borrower dies, is permanently disabled or closes the school where the loans were received; and postponement or cancellation, which are generally related to public service jobs or teacher loan forgiveness programs.

With student loan cancellation pending, Fishman encourages those with debt to prepare, plan, and seek help, including exploring the possibility of a loan consolidation.

Rizzo said her daughter, a 2018 graduate and now a journalist, was eager to help pay off the loans, but the mother wasn’t too worried about it.

“I can’t say I regret it because my daughter has accomplished so much right now,” she said. “I mean she just got the best education.”

Ida B. Wells, famous black journalist, honored in the Barbie series | national news


Black History Month is dedicated to celebrating the achievements and reflecting on the experiences of African Americans. What started as a week in 1926 turned into 28 days of remembrance and lessons on the contributions of black Americans.

Many black Americans come from a line of captured and enslaved people who were forcibly brought to the United States to build the culture and infrastructure of a place they never asked to live. Forced immigration and centuries of cultural genocide have prompted black Americans to rebuild a culture both literally and figuratively. In the face of historical oppression and inequality – slavery, Jim Crow laws and the police violence that sparked the #BlackLivesMatter movement – African Americans have continuously fought for their rights, reaching countless milestones, achievements and freedoms. While being forced to exist largely on the fringes of society, black Americans have nonetheless made many significant contributions to the arts, education, politics, technology, and many other fields.

The 1930s saw the story of Olympic athletics star Jesse Owens and the defining moment of author-activist Zora Neale Hurston; in the 1950s, the first Civil Rights Act since 1875 was enacted; and five decades later, in 2008, Americans elected the first black president.

But in the education theme, which is part of this month’s feature for much of the country, you will discover other less discussed moments and perhaps unknown faces in black history: the desegregation of the Armed Forces in the 1940s, the first Black Miss America in the 1980s, and the Million Man March 1995 in Washington DC, are some noteworthy moments.

Browse Stacker’s list to learn more about some of the significant achievements and moments in black history, from 1919 to 2021.

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Rossabi has a GOP City Council Candidates Forum for herself


Greensboro’s current city council is made up of nine Democrats, and it doesn’t look like Democrats are in any danger of losing control of city council in the next election, every time they are held.

The Guilford County Republican Party hosted a candidate forum for Republican candidates for Greensboro City Council and only one candidate, Katie Rossabi, who applied to compete in the general race, attended. Two candidates who applied, District 5 city council candidate Tony Wilkins and District 2 city council candidate Latoya Gathers were unable to participate due to COVID-19 quarantine restrictions. District 3 city council candidate Zack Matheny had a scheduling conflict.

But even if all four won, Democrats would still have a five-to-four majority on city council. The races are technically non-partisan, but the political party of the candidates is no secret.

As she was the only city council candidate at the forum, Rossabi had five minutes to speak and then answered questions.

Rossabi said his platform has three main points, and number one was, “We need to start supporting our police. If we don’t have a safe city, we really won’t have anything else. She said, “The main reason we’re losing officers is that we won’t pay them. “

Rossabi said that in Burlington the starting salary for police officers was $ 46,000 per year, while in Greensboro it was $ 41,500 and other departments had take-out cars, which is considered like a big plus.

Rossabi’s second point was to support businesses, especially those in the city center, by dealing with the growing homeless population. She said that under current city policy, homeless people cannot be charged with petty crimes, which has allowed them to freely leave the city center.

Finally, Rossabi said she wanted to take a close look at the city’s budget. She said, “We have a budget of over $ 600 million and where is all this money going? “

Rossabi noted that the current city council “funnels millions of dollars into its own nonprofits without any accountability.”

The race for city council in general is unusual. If more than six candidates run, there will be a primary and the top six will run in the general election. Thus, the candidate who finishes sixth in the primary wins.

In general elections, the top three candidates are elected to city council, so a candidate can finish in third place and win, but fourth place is a loser.