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Postal workers collect for the Stamp Out Hunger Saturday food drive


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) – The 30th annual Stamp Out Hunger food drive is taking place on Saturday, and the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama is encouraging participation.

The food bank received 1.2 million pounds of food in April, but distributed 1.4 million. Lately they have given more than they have received, so they need help.

Although it’s an annual food drive, Ginger Pegues says it’s especially needed right now due to inflation and supply chain disruptions. She is acting director of development.

The food bank started seeing a lack of donations a few months ago and now some shelves in their warehouse are completely empty.

Pegues says they don’t want anyone going hungry and they need the public’s help to make that happen.

“It’s really critical right now because even when we have the donations to buy food, it takes weeks or even months to get them,” Pegues said. “So if we all come together, and again – stop by the store tonight or even look in that pantry – we can really make an impact on our neighbors facing hunger.”

All you have to do is leave non-perishable items like canned meat, canned vegetables, pasta, and peanut butter in a bag near your mailbox. For those who live in an apartment complex, you can leave them where the mail is picked up. The USPS will pick up the items and deliver them to the food bank.

Pegues says they are also always looking for volunteers to help collect and organize all the donations on Saturday. They will need help between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. at the warehouse. She says if you are interested in help, you can sign up on their website.


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