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Postman Food Drive Brings Back To Stamp Out Hunger For Those In Need | News


The U.S. National Branch of Guam Letter Carriers is bringing back its annual food drive to help families in need.

NALC’s annual food drive has been the largest all-volunteer one-day food drive in the country in the past 30 years and takes place nationwide on the second Saturday in May.

According to Maria Ydil, president of the Guam branch of the National Letter Carriers Association, as part of their community outreach and to see firsthand what families have been through over the past two years, the timing of this food drive is crucial.

“Before it wasn’t much, but now everywhere I go I can see at every intersection, I can see two to three people standing on the corner with a sign asking for food,” said said Chase Duenas, NALC coordinator and mail carrier.

Food banks and pantries receive the majority of their donations during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons, according to information provided by Ydil, who noted that in the spring and summer, many food banks and pantries eat are exhausted and food supplies are running out.

Additionally, as postmen, Ydil and Duenas said they also saw important items being delayed in delivery, such as medicines, checks and other essentials.

With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the NALC Guam branch was thrilled to get started and do its part to help with the annual food drive.

“We really think we have to because a lot of people need our help, even if it’s just in our own way, by collecting non-perishable food, we are really making a difference,” Ydil said. “It may not be a lot, but it’s an effort that counts.”

The public can support Guam postmen in this annual food drive by donating non-perishable food items at drop-off locations across the island through May 13.

Additionally, if customers are delivering to their homes, they can simply leave non-perishable food donations in their designated mailboxes on Saturday, May 14.

All donations go to three local food banks: The Salvation Army, Catholic Social Service and Kamalen Karidat.