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Replace Your Copier With This $40 iOS App


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Smartphones have revolutionized the way we approach daily business tasks. Colleagues can communicate with each other on the go using Slack and . Similarly, apps like JIRA and Asana allow teams to collaborate on projects virtually. Our phones even replace office equipment such as calculators and scanners.

On that last point, if your job involves frequent document sharing between co-workers and clients, using a traditional copier can cause problems in your workflow. Recipients can open your file to view a scan, but they’re out of luck if they need to transcribe a lot of text or edit existing passages. However, a digital solution like iScanner could modernize the way your team saves and sends physical notes and images, and .

Rated 4.8 out of five stars on the App Store with over 70 million downloads, iScanner lets you handle many home, work, and educational tasks with your iPhone. To scan physical documents such as paper notes, fax sheets or book pages, simply point your camera at the subject and take a photo. iScanner scans the image for text and stores it in PDF or JPEG format. Then the files can be organized into folders for easy management.

You can edit content with markup tools and include electronic signatures or stamps as seals of approval, which can be useful if your work involves managing contracts or . iScanner allows you to further secure documents by applying a PIN to individual files or entire folders. Then sharing is as easy as attaching your scans to your messaging app or iMessage.

iScanner’s functionality goes beyond text scans. For example, you can take photos of math problems and have the app solve them for you. Does your work require an inventory? iScanner’s counter tool automatically adds the number of similar objects detected by your iPhone’s camera. Finally, you can use iScanner to measure the dimensions of objects or entire rooms, so contractors, interior designers, and architects may also find it useful.

Turn your iPhone into a versatile digital assistant with the iScanner app. Right now you can.

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