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REVIEW: Lord of the Dance – a stunning spectacle sparkles on the 25th anniversary tour in Birmingham


Michael Flatley’s global hit show, Lord of the Dance, which has delighted more than 60 million people worldwide, comes to Birmingham for a 25th anniversary tour.

The phenomenally successful show – featuring a vast, swirling array of exuberant dancers and singers – stunned the audience at the Alexandra Theater with a cosmic energy that thrilled and brought joy.

It seems like yesterday when dancer Michael Flatley lit up the world stage with a show called Lord of the Dance in 1996 that has since been performed in 1,000 venues around the world.

The sensational show, with an incredibly contagious positive energy, continues to vibrate and delight people after the passage of a quarter of a century.

Global hit show Lord of the Dance comes to Birmingham

For its 25th anniversary, show director Michael Flatley streamlined and updated the choreography while composer Gerard Fahy – who wrote the music for the original show – penned new material for the anniversary tour.

The show retains the classic story of light – conveyed by the character of Lord of the Dance – overcoming the disturbing forces of darkness – led by the Dark Lord – through the magic of music, dance and magic. love.

The main theme of the show is to inspire and uplift the audience through the art of storytelling using music and dance. In times of darkness, theater offers humanity a beacon of hope and this show is a great example of that joyful healing.

The show is an uninterrupted celebration of dance that tells a timeless story

Iconic music from Celtic roots – rich in Irish folklore and mythology – is used to create an atmospheric and sensual atmosphere in which the talented troupe of dancers weaves stories of healing and hope in dark times.

As the drama unfolds on stage, with the character of the Little Spirit serving as a common thread between the story threads, the tale shifts from darkness to light.

The set design used clever rear projections to transport the audience through landscapes filled with primordial darkness and paranoia to hellish hells where tormented souls raged and writhed. The backdrops contrasted with the hellish landscapes with panoramic images of emerald fields dotted with shimmering trees swaying in the wind.

The huge cast and crew work tirelessly to ensure audiences leave inspired and filled with joy.

Cassidy Ludwig is mesmerizing as the waif-like Little Spirit, playing her penny whistle as she hops and skips happily across the stage while leading the audience into the world of The Lord of the Dance.

Despite his size and elven spirit, Cassidy shows strength and resilience in a very demanding role that initially seems lighthearted. Her performance is melodious and infectious, and audiences were drawn in by her warmth and personality.

The show’s director and producer Michael Flatley, who portrayed Lord of the Dance in the original production, is passing on the role of the role to a new generation of dancers.

At the Alexandra Theatre, the iconic role of Lord of the Dance was played by Cathal Keaney.

Keaney was magnetic, athletic and highly charismatic, and his tireless dancing – which required intense focus and stamina – had audiences erupting in applause at the end of each of his dance routines.

The Lord of the Dance takes on the Dark Lord in an epic, biting duel

The evil Dark Lord in this production was played by Alasdair Spencer and he immediately captivated audiences when he appeared from the depths of his nether realm.

His movements projected menace and fire raging through the dark figure’s heart. He used his razor-sharp male energy to overpower and smother the forces of light and love with aggression and contempt.

Keaney and Spencer gave it their all in the epic duel between the Lord of Dance and the Dark Lord. The stage crackled with dramatic energy as the pair danced and fought in a heart-pounding dance that left the audience on the edge of their seats.

Enchantress Morrighan uses her cunning and sensuality to lure the Lord of the Dance

The soothing feminine energy of the Celtic-themed show was highlighted by Saoirse’s ethereal and haunting character.

Niamh Shevlin was beautiful and delicate as Saoirse, a complete contrast to the heavy darkness of the Dark Lord and his minions. Shevlin used stillness and inner calm to restore balance to a world descending into an apocalyptic abyss of darkness.

One of the Dark Lord’s minions, an enchantress named Morrighan, attempts to seduce and deceive the Lord of the Dance and lead him into a nefarious existence. Andrea Papp Kren is smoky and sultry like Morrighan, her dancing is truly powerful and evocative and filled with such sorcery that she weaves a spell over the audience with her seductive and hypnotic performance that blends seamlessly with the music.

The lighting is exquisite and serves the mythical spirit of the show

The role of Erin the Goddess was played by singer Celyn Cartwright who brought a sweet balance to the show with songs that brought serenity to the stage.

Violin players Aisling Sage and Megan McGinley added to the calm atmosphere with interludes that propelled the narrative forward and forward. Every melody emanating from their violin strings was in perfect harmony with their incredible dance moves.

These gifted musicians not only played their instruments, but also managed to dance while wearing high heels and walking on a central staircase. They produced an immaculate and miraculous performance without a hitch.

The Dark Lord uses his power to subdue and bring the world under his villainous control

The choreography for the show was dazzling and breathtaking, with each dancer performing in perfect harmony and synchronization, weaving in and out of lines and circles at breakneck speed.

It was absolutely astounding, and a testament to the quality of the talent on stage, that there was never a moment when a dancer made a mistake or there was a collision or an accident.

The professionalism and dedication displayed on The Alexandra stage in Birmingham was truly impressive.

The role of Lord of the Dance requires immense stamina and charisma

The multiple costume changes were a colorful confection of beauty and style that added sparkle and magic to the enchanting story of love in a dark world.

The outfits worn by the male and female performers were a blaze of colors and tones, at times sparkling and sizzling, and at others dark and dark and steeped in gothic mystique.

Certain fabrics and materials in the costumes rippled and moved as if alive on the dancers’ bodies. The imaginative designs captured the essence of the show’s central themes.

Costume designs highlight both light and dark in delicate ways

It was a firework of a show, a rainbow of musical delights, sparkling with high energy and thrilling to watch. The exquisite lighting and pyrotechnic effects were impressive and added a brilliant ambiance to the dancing and singing.

The deep blacks and reds generated the heat of hell and chaos while the whites and greens brought the balm of freshness and freedom. The retro-projected costumes and landscapes took the audience on a journey where shades and tones took on an emotional resonance.

The standing ovations at the show’s climax were well-deserved, with people hollering for an encore that Lord of the Dance’s vast cast graciously delivered.

The show has been entertaining audiences for a quarter of a century around the world

As the show ended and people began to exit the theater, an elderly audience member perfectly summed up one of the main purposes of the show. She looked around the theater with a warm smile on her face and said, “This show makes me want to dance!”

His heartfelt words mirrored the words of series creator Michael Flatley, who firmly believes that “nothing is impossible. Follow your dreams.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, no matter your race or gender, Lord of the Dance is for everyone and inspires us to tap into ourselves and discover our own magic.

Lord of the Dance is now playing The Alexandra, Birmingham, until Sunday June 19

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