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Roast Nandos following “Under Cooked” statement on Gareth Cliff’s racism



Roast Nandos following ‘Under Cooked’ statement on Gareth Cliff racist incident

Irreverent South African restaurant chain Nandos has come under fire on social media after posting a statement on the latest racist incident by controversial radio personality Gareth Cliff.

Social media users were not impressed with the substance of the statement which they described as lukewarm and undercooked. Tweeps also pointed out that it took Nandos nearly half a day to respond to the controversy, only to issue what appeared to be a half-hearted statement.

In the statement posted on the social media platform Twitter, Nandos said:

We know you know what happened during The Burning Platform panel discussion on October 21, 2021. We are a proudly South African brand that takes the right to free speech very seriously.

We never invalidate or invalidate anyone’s experiences or condone racism in any form. We are examining this serious matter.

What did Gareth Cliff say?

It comes after Gareth Cliff made the trending list for all the wrong reasons after a video of him making “racist” remarks went viral on social media. Cliff said racism is low on South Africans’ priority list.

As if that weren’t enough, the radio personality shockingly said that Mudzuli Rakhivhane’s experience of racism was “anecdotal and unimportant.” Rakhivane is the spokesperson for the One South Africa Movement.

Cliff made some amazing statements about racism during a heated debate which was moderated by Nandos under the headline The Burn Platform: OneSA vs. DA.

The debate featured Gareth Cliff, Mudzuli Rakhivane and Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen.

Roast Nandos Next "Undercooked" Statement on the racist incident of Gareth Cliff
Roast Nandos following ‘Under Cooked’ statement on Gareth Cliff racist incident

Tweeps reactions to Nandos’ statement on Gareth Cliff’s racism controversy

After the publication of Nandos’ statement on the Gareth Cliff racism controversy, the tweeps made it clear that they were unimpressed with the restaurant chain. They questioned the brevity of the statement as well as the timing of the publication.

Some accused Nandos of releasing the statement after people went to bed to escape scrutiny. Other South Africans on social media have also speculated that the case will be swept under the rug.

Here are some of the reactions from social media users:

At the time of publication, Nandos had yet to respond to the social media outcry.

Gareth Cliff’s story with allegations of racism

This is not the first time Gareth Cliff has been embroiled in a racist controversy. In 2016, Cliff was fired from Idols SA for posting an allegedly racist remark on Twitter.

Cliff was banned from the M-Net show after commenting on KwaZulu-Natal real estate agent Penny Sparrow’s Facebook post in which she called Blacks monkeys.

Cliff tweeted: “People really don’t understand free speech at all,” creating consternation on social media and prompting M-Net to fire him, saying he didn’t want to be associated with a racist.

In 2020, after the film Blown away by the wind was pulled from HBO Max because of his racial biases, Gareth Cliff said the Black Lives Matter movement and the culture cancellation were “problematic.”

“Eventually, they’re going to take it all away,” he said in an Instagram post.

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