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Royal Mail stamp exchange: When do old stamps expire?


Britain will soon replace the red, blue and gold stamps with brand new purple and green stamps. Royal Mail said the move was due to a “modernization campaign” and that barcoded stamps will enable additional security features and aid operational efficiency.

What timbres change?

Old “definitive” stamps, such as gold, red and blue stamps, will all change.

The stamps will look largely the same, with the Queen’s profile, first introduced in 1967, still in use – but colors will be changed and barcodes added.

First class stamps will turn purple, second class stamps will turn green, large first class stamps will turn blue, and large second class stamps will turn dark blue/teal.

The barcodes match the color of the stamp and are positioned along the queen’s head, separated by a line of perforation.

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When will old stamps expire?

You still have plenty of time to use up all your old stamps as Royal Mail has confirmed they will still be valid until 31st January 2023.

Royal Mail has also confirmed that special stamps with images and Christmas stamps without barcodes will remain valid beyond the deadline.

If at this time you still have old stamps for which you have not found a use, you can exchange them for new stamps free of charge using the “Swap Out” program.