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Royston Scout Group 10th Christmas Postal Service 2021


7:00 a.m. on December 1, 2021

Royston Boy Scouts are set to roam the streets for another year, delivering Christmas cards to nearest and dearest residents.

The 10e Royston Scout Group is once again helping with its Christmas Post service – offering a low cost, low carbon alternative to the Royal Mail.

For more than a decade, the town’s Cubs, Boy Scouts and Beavers have delivered Christmas cards – and the much-appreciated service helps raise valuable funds for the Boy Scout group.

As usual, Ladds at Royston High Street and Queens Road McColl’s will be selling Scout Post stamps this year for just 35p – almost half the price of a Second Class stamp.

The cards can then be displayed in special letter boxes inside the two stores. The service will close at 4 p.m. on Thursday, December 16, when Christmas cards will be picked up, sorted and then distributed around Royston.

A spokesperson told The Crow: “The Christmas Post Service is an inexpensive way to have your cards delivered around Royston to your friends and relatives.

“This year, after the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, we can also be delighted with the low carbon nature of this local delivery service!

“What is important for the 10e Royston Scouts Group, it provides a valuable source of funds for a local charity that has incurred many additional costs over the past two years as it continues to bring the experience of Boy Scouting to Royston children ages six to 14 years in a safe environment. .

“So, as Christmas approaches and you’re putting the finishing touches on the preparations, write those final Christmas cards, take a trip to Ladds or McColls, and make delivery easier and cheaper, all while reducing the carbon footprint. of your Christmas cards and by supporting a local charity.

“And if you are later in town and you see 10e Royston Scouts – distinguished by their black and red scarves – with bags of mail (and a patient parent), then you’ll have seen a traditional part of Royston Town’s Christmas preparations. “

For anyone interested in discussing their children’s membership in Scouting in Royston, contact Louise Griffin. For anyone interested in making a donation to 10e Royston Scout Group, please contact David Page, both available at roystonscouts10th@hotmail.com.