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Seattle Seahawks shut down Houston Texans, 33-13



As we pointed out in our preview Friday of Sunday’s game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Houston Texans, the way the NFL organizes its schedule each season means the Texans, before Sunday, only faced Russell Wilson. twice in its 10 years. career. Both games were biting, an overtime loss in 2013 and a 41-38 shootout in 2017.

The 2021 version of the Seattle Seahawks is, by far, the most fragile of the Pete Carroll-Russell Wilson era, entering Sunday’s game at 4-8 this season. The problem is, the 2021 Houston Texans are one of the most fragile teams in recent NFL HISTORY, so the Seahawks could play at a C + level, as they have been for most of Sunday, and come away with a 33-13 victory.

The big story was not the final score. Anyone with a brain expected the Seahawks 4-8 to continue to “recover” this season against the Texans, and they did. The biggest story for Texans fans is that Chapter 2 of the Davis Mills saga, with the rookie starting at QB, which is set to last the rest of the season, took place at NRG Stadium, and everything was going well. Not great, but ok for what it was.

Let’s start with this on the winners and losers of the Seahawks’ 33-13 win over David Culley’s team:


4. Davis Mills
It was slightly surprising on Friday that Culley, who has specialized in coaching speech and responsibility all season, announced that Mills is the starter for the remainder of the season. Honestly, it makes me think that was a decision that took place above Culley in the organization, and it makes sense. The Texans need to know how far they should prioritize the quarterback in next year’s NFL Draft. Mills did some good things on Sunday. Namely, he looked pretty solid in the first half, putting 13 points on the board (with no running play to help him), he was protecting football and he didn’t look completely overwhelmed as he was. ‘had done earlier in the season. The downside – the Texans were shut out in the second half for the third week in a row. Brutal. But back to Mills – my “excitement meter” is at a solid 6 on a scale of 1 to 10 to see if he can at least get Nick Caserio thinking about what to do at QB this offseason.

Click to enlarge Neon green was everywhere.  - PHOTO BY JACK GORMAN

Neon green was everywhere.

Photo by Jack Gorman

3. The 12th man

Sorry Aggies, I don’t want to piss you off. I know you own the trademark on the 12th man gimmick, but the last time I checked the Seahawks are paying you for the chance to call their fans the “12th man” so go after me! (Actually, please don’t sue me, it’s an expensive time of year for me.) I bring up the Seattle fans because I’m not sure if an opposing fan base represented at the NRG Stadium just like the Seahawk fans did yesterday. Sunday essentially functioned as a de facto home game for the Seahawks. There was neon green EVERYWHERE.

2. Rashaad Penny
The Seahawks’ offense has struggled throughout the season, mainly because they can’t lead the game. So the Texans were exactly what the doctor ordered! Former first-round pick Rashaad Penny had run just 78 yards in five games this season. Well, Penny topped her entire 2021 season on TWO games on Sunday. First of all, there was THAT 32-yard touchdown in the first half …

Then there was this 47-meter jaunt …

So 78 yards all season before Sunday, but 79 yards on two points. How very Texans.

1. Tyler Lockett
If you watched Lockett rip the heart out of the Texans’ chest on Sunday, you would have thought the Seahawks actually kidnapped notorious Texans killer Colts WR TY Hilton and threw a Locket uniform at him. From the Texans’ perspective, Lockett had a very Hiltonian performance on Sunday, catching 24, 29, 29 and 55 yards. That touchdown put the Seahawks ahead for good …

Lockett became just the Seahawks’ second wide wide receiver with three 1,000-yard seasons. The other Seahawk was a guy named Largent.


4. Kamu Grugier-Hill
This season has been a slow road to nowhere, so we hoped that one of the consolation prizes of a lost season would be to find a few rough diamonds to hold onto for a few more years. Linebacker Kamu Grugier-Hill was the star child of a veteran on a one-year contract, who had been granted a longer-term extension. Unfortunately for him, THIS happened yesterday:

We’ll learn more on Monday about what Grugier-Hill plans for surgery and rehabilitation, but you wonder if the chapter in his Texans career, which was growing up with so much promise, ended abruptly yesterday.

3. Mike Vrabel
The Tennessee Titans were therefore the “winners” of the draw for Zach Cunningham’s waiver, winning the former Texan at the end of last week. Titans head coach Mike Vrabel, who coached Cunningham’s position during the Houston linebacker rookie season, wanted NO QUESTIONS about a player joining the team until next week …

I understand that we media people sometimes have a hard time following orders, but what a baby!

2. Justin Reid’s manhood
Can we just watch Rashaad Penny again? Dear Lord …..

1. Brian Kelly

I know this has nothing to do with the Texans’ loss to the Seahawks, but I have to point out how little new LSU head coach Brian Kelly has become since joining Baton Rouge:

Dude, what are you doing ???

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