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Skyworth’s New Android OLED TVs Arrive in the US



Chinese manufacturer Skyworth has been a large-scale producer of OLED TVs for years. Now, through 9To5Google, the company is bringing some of its TVs to the United States. These new Skyworth TVs are powered by Android TV and will cost a pretty dime.

There are two different models that come to the States

These two TVs will be in the upper part of the spectrum. The only difference between them is the size. They’re both OLED TVs that allow for the increased contrast, vivid colors, and deep blacks we’ve come to expect. They both feature 4K panels that also support HDR10.

Most of the text on Amazon posts is just filler text, but it does mention Chameleon Extreme. It is the technology for improving the image of the company. Skyworth says it optimizes contrast and colors to create a stunning overall picture.

These new Skyworth televisions benefit from the Android TV platform

Skyworth has equipped these televisions with the Android TV operating system. This gives them access to a ton of TV based apps to enhance the whole TV experience. Users will also be able to download and stream from various services such as Netflix, Disney +, Hulu, and others.

Android TV also allows users to use the Google Assistant. This is mainly to search for movies and shows using your voice via the included voice remote.

If you want to buy these TVs, be prepared to pay a lot

These new Skyworth TVs aren’t exactly cheap, but they should live up to their market. The first model is the 55-inch Skyworth XC9000, and it costs $ 1,999. Its counterpart is the 65-inch Skyworth XC9000, and it costs $ 1,500. If you are interested in collecting them, they are available for purchase now.

Hisense also has televisions and a 100-day trial period.

Hisense responded to a survey that found that 80% of people who return their products want more time with them. For this reason, the company has just added a 100-day trial period to some of its televisions. Customers who register their TV within two weeks of purchase will be able to test their TV for a full 100 days before returning it.

However, that doesn’t hold true for the company’s entire TV list. Hisense is just adding it to its ULED TVs. There are a handful of TVs in this category: the 75-inch U6G, U7G, U8G, and the top of the line U9DG.

If you want to buy these TVs (which are also powered by Android TV), you can visit the company’s website to find the retailer you want to buy from.