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Spain: British expats ‘concerned’ about visa and residency issues | Travel News | To travel


Since Brexit, British citizens have only been allowed to stay in Spain 90 out of 180 days a year. However, British expats residing in Spain should not have their passport stamped at border control.

The British Embassy posted on the “Brits in Spain” Facebook page: “We know that some British nationals residing in Spain have had their passports stamped at border control and are concerned about what this means for your residence.

“British nationals who can prove that they were resident in Spain before January 1, 2021 should not have their passport stamped or be the subject of a routine intentional interrogation upon entry, exit and check-out. transit through the Schengen border.

“However, we are aware that this happens in some cases and we continue to inform the Spanish authorities.

“If you reside in Spain, you must always travel with your valid passport and proof of your residency status. “

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In other passport stamp news, a British woman claimed she was barred from entering Spain after her passport was improperly stamped.

Linda said Spanish authorities did not stamp her passport when she left Spain. This meant that when she returned she was refused entry.

Authorities believed she was past the 90-day rule because her passport was not stamped when she left, she claims.

The Spanish Interior Ministry said Express.co.uk he could not comment on individual comments but that all guards knew the correct stamping procedures.


The embassy said expats could prove their residency with: “Your residency document: the green paper European certificate of the new TIE. The Spanish authorities have issued guidance on maintaining the validity of the Green Residence Certificate.

“Or a certificate of application for residence in Spain or any other document indicating that you were residing in Spain before the end of the transition period. “

He added: “If you have had your passport stamped incorrectly, despite proof of residence, we want to reassure you that your rights in Spain will not be affected.

“If you are still not officially resident, the stamp will also not affect your ability to apply under the Withdrawal Agreement, as long as you can demonstrate that you were legally resident here before December 31, 2020.

“When you travel in the future, any stamp will be kept null and void if it is accompanied by proof of legal residence such as your residence certificate.

“Some border authorities may cancel incorrect stamps when presented with proof of residence, but this is not required.

“If you want to raise an incorrect tampon with the authorities, you should contact the Ministry of the Interior. “

British expats who have passed the residency deadline must apply for Spanish residency from the UK.

Ximo Puig, the president of the Valencia region in Spain, has called for the 90-day residency rule to be extended for Britons.

He said Britons who spend several months of the year in Spain have said he wants Brexit to be as “Brexit” as possible.

Puig said he fears the rules will negatively impact Costa Blanca retirees.

The rules will also have an impact on Britons who have bought homes in the area with the intention of retiring there in the future.