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The 10 Most Valuable Items We’ve Seen So Far on Collector’s Call


For a collector, the “value” of an object can be very subjective. Something that seems completely normal to you or me can be of immeasurable value to them because it was the first collection item they received, or because it was given to them by someone very special.

We can’t start classifying this sort of value, so we’re making this list based on something a little easier to judge: dollar value. Over the past two seasons, our experts have rated countless items, sometimes to disappointment…or excitement. Here are the ten most valuable items we’ve seen so far!

Are we going to break the record? We will have to see with season three of The Collector’s Call, from Sunday March 27 at 6:30 p.m. | 5:30!

1. Q Boat from “The World Is Not Enough”

Doug Redinus is the co-founder of the Ian Fleming Foundation, which exhibits its huge collection of Bond vehicles at charity fundraisers. This boat used for the screen was helmed by Pierce Brosnan as it sailed around the Thames. The boat itself goes 80 mph

Valued at: $300,000

2. Poster “Casablanca”

Vintage movie poster collector Dwight Cleveland has over 4,500 prints in his collection, including rare posters from movies released outside of their home country! This casablanca The poster comes from Italy and features the original tax stamps, which increases its value. Studios would have to pay a tax to local governments to display a poster.

Valued at: $300,000

3. 1958 Gibson Flying V guitar

Jim Peterik, guitarist for Survivor and whose riffs you’ve heard on hits like “Eye of the Tiger”, had this rare Gibson guitar in his collection. Gibson tried to go futuristic and beat Fender at its own game in the 1950s with these, but they didn’t get it at first, and only 92 were made.

Valued at: $300,000

4. Ratty car “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride”

Joel Magee’s Disneyland Collection will appear on this list more than once. This is one of 12 original cars in the Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride attraction at Disneyland. This 1955 “Ratty” car was hand built – and it’s only one of three or four known.

Valued at: $500,000

5. Monkeemobile used for screen

Only two Monkeemobiles used in the filming of The Monkees exist, and Michael Knight and Mel Gutherie have one. Mel got the four Monkees to sign this beautiful car.

Valued at: $500,000

6. Helicopter from “From Russia with Love”

Another item from Doug Redinus’ Bond vehicle collection! This yellow helicopter chased Sean Connery in an unforgettable sequence from James Bond’s second adventure. Dr. No left little space, so it is one of the first vehicles in the collection.

Valued at: $500,000

7. Original Star Trek Enterprise design

When we visited radio personality and author Mancow to see his collection of film and TV memorabilia, he brought along a friend – Greg Brady himself, Barry Williams! Mancow’s collection includes the first-ever color rendition of the Enterprise spacecraft. Concept artist Matt Jefferies drafted it to present to star trek creator Gene Roddenberry. As the first image of an iconic ship, it’s the “holy grail” and “invaluable” to a Trek collector, according to our expert.

Valued at: $500,000

8. Haunted Mansion Mannequins

Another article from Joel Magee! the Haunted house Disneyland ride remains one of the most popular. Anyone who’s been around the mansion has remembered the ending when three ghosts appear through a “magic mirror”. Of course, it was all done with smoke and mirrors – and those amazing mannequins. Only three sets of these exist, and Joel has one.

Valued at: $1,000,000

9. Caterpillar excavator from “Skyfall”

Yes, it’s another Bond vehicle from Doug’s collection! Daniel Craig jumped in this excavator for the spectacular opening fight of celestial fall.

Valued at: $1,000,000

ten. Original sketchbook “Bun Book”

Jim Engel, cartoonist and toy designer, has a one-of-a-kind sketchbook he calls his “Bun Book”. He’s been collecting these bunny doodles from notable artists for four decades, asking for entries to conventions and the like. It includes drawings of legends like Dr. Seuss and Sergio Aragones.

Valued at: $1,000,000