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LONDON (Bywire News) – Look, I know the blue-tic legion, lib hacks won’t touch on the subject of Starmer being even quieter than usual (who knew that was possible). They need to toe the line and keep regurgitating the jaded narrative that Starmer is ‘eligible’, ‘the adults are now in charge’ and he is playing 3D political chess while ‘letting the conservatives tear themselves apart’ hence the silence radio.

It’s all part of a grand plan – and anyone who dares to criticize the Great Leader is something of a conservative enabler. Which is absurd; absolutely no one should be above being held accountable. It is a very dangerous and slippery slope. Dear Leader deserves to be criticized as much as anyone else. If he doesn’t win the election, it will be because of his own incompetence, not because Owen Jones sent in a critical tweet.

Compare Starmer’s tenure as Labor leader so far with Corbyn’s five years as leader. There was little criticism of Starmer’s act of invisibility, as Corbyn was regularly hounded and rammed by reporters virtually every time he left his north London home. The man had no right to a moment of peace.

Corbyn was even reviled for daring to sleep (SLEEP!!) on a train during a rugby match.

On October 26, 2019, the headline of the Daily Mail read: Jeremy Corbyn is caught taking a nap on a train to Scotland as the rest of the country cheer on England against the All Blacks.


So far, Starmer has excelled in one area: avoiding big calls and meltdowns. He is not someone who should be prime minister.

Sooner or later the penny has to drop, right? RIGHT? Keir Starmer isn’t going anywhere fast. Despite the best efforts and goodwill of his dedicated herd.

Labor must act, and fast – replace Starmer before it’s too late. Otherwise, millions of people who rely on a Labor government may well be relegated to another five years of Tory rule. Let it be on their heads.

Surely it was bad enough when Starmer was late to the party with a covid response and then ended up backing Boris Johnson’s government anyway; more or less silent during the RMT strike; silent on the conclusions of the Forde report; failed to take action against transphobia in the Labor PLP, and so on.

Not to mention the reneging on his promises of leadership, which is a whole other issue that will haunt him.

Time and time again, when a major problem arises, Starmer is conveniently occupied and, once out of hiding, sits on the fence. Offering absolutely nothing of substance.

And now, true to form, it is nowhere to be found during an economic crisis unprecedented in modern times.

With news earlier this week that energy bills are set to climb higher than expected in October, Starmer didn’t even bother to make an appearance, offer solutions, reassure people. Not a single tweet or press release. Nothing. Nothing. No.

Instead, moneysavingexpert.com founder Martin Lewis took the lead, appearing on TV and tweeting:

Tragic news. The latest prediction from @CornwallInsight, based on Ofgem’s new methodology, is an 81% rise in the price cap in October (bringing the typical bill to £3,582/year) and a further 19% in January (so 4 £266/year).

Action and planning are needed now.

Gordon Brown also made the rounds in Starmer’s absence, offering ideas to resolve the crisis. The former prime minister has called for the renationalisation of energy companies as a “last resort” in the face of skyrocketing bills until “the crisis is over”.

We deserve better

With Boris Johnson on the verge of leaving and the Tories embroiled in an endless, navel-gazing leadership race, there is a political vacuum. Starmer falls short and, frankly, his silence is deafening. He should take advantage of this period and show the country what kind of prime minister he would be. Instead, he wastes it.

Open goal after failed open goal.

It goes without saying that the country deserves better than Johnson, Truss and Sunak.

However, Labor needs to take serious stock now, with Truss ahead of Starmer in recent polls, disaster looms if Labor continues with a leader who is afraid of his own shadow and constantly treads on shells of eggs in order to appease the right rags. .

A radical change is needed. The circumstances in which the country finds itself are an example of this. A strong opposition is also needed more than ever. The country needs strong leadership.

The future of progressive politics is Mick Lynch, not Keir Starmer.

Ultimately, if Starmer can’t briefly take a vacation to deal with a serious national crisis (although it could be said that he’s been on vacation since becoming leader), what justification is there- to vote for him in general elections?

There will be no significant evidence that this person who became an MP in 2015 is up to the task of leading the country.

We need a Labor Prime Minister who will be there when needed, not one who will always fail to act.

Enough is enough.

Over to you, Labor.

(Writing by Jason Reid, editing by Klaudia Fior)