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The UK’s top VALORANT student teams will compete at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere for the Red Bull Campus Clutch Global Final Qualifier – European Gaming Industry News

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There are many factors that contribute to improving one’s ability to play a game well. play it and have access to a low latency internet connection.

While such hardware resources are necessary with most games, there’s another crucial element that often blocks people’s progress, and that’s being able to pinpoint where your current skills are lacking and work on it. to improve them in a targeted and progressive manner.

Like all things, some people have an innate ability to intuit or analyze themselves, while others need more support to undertake this process. But fear not, because this ability can be learned.

While it’s undeniable that some players have a degree of intrinsic talent that sets them apart from us mere mortals, most of us never manage to unlock our latent potential because we don’t know where to start.

In light of this, here we are going to look at some tricks that can be easily applied to any type of game to help you improve your performance quickly and effectively.

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Learn the lingo

Specialized disciplines invariably give rise to a unique lexicon of terms that are specific to them. From molecular biology to philately, these specialized languages ​​are emerging as a way to capture and describe specific contexts, methods and approaches specific to their fields.

Naturally, gaming is no different – although, from too much familiarity, it can sometimes be easy to forget that not everyone knows what a game’s meta is, or even what stand for popular acronyms like “MOBA”.

Specifically, each game will also have its own unique terms that relate to the quirks of its gameplay and mechanics, and taking the time to learn them has many benefits for those looking to improve.

Depending on the game you are playing, this language will be more or less sophisticated. Some long-running titles, like Poker, have spawned a rich vocabulary of terms to describe every conceivable element of its format, while others, like Fortnite, employ specialized language more focused on promoting identity. and community humor.

Either way, developing an understanding of these specialist jargons will allow you to participate in conversations with, and learn from, more skilled and involved players. It will also help you analyze what you see as you progress and help you take in the nuances of the game you’re playing.

Test yourself against better players

While there’s an undeniable appeal to playing against opponents below your skill level, doing it too often will force you to form bad habits and slow your progress. In the end, it’s always best to play against identical players via ranked playlists, or against friends and clan members who are more experienced and skilled than you.

This process not only teaches you humility and keeps you open to learning, but it highlights your shortcomings and weaknesses. If you are on good terms with a superior player, he will be able to analyze where you need to develop and can help you do so.

Additionally, watching match replays can help you study your own style of play more objectively. For example, if you keep dying in a specific area of ​​a map, watching a replay of the game in question can help you identify that you’re exposing yourself to a line of sight you were previously unaware of.

Likewise, analyzing games where you performed better than expected can also provide valuable insight into how you play, which you can then incorporate into your game in the future.

The key principle at work here is that by playing against opponents who force you to grow and adapt, and by maintaining a thoughtful and humble attitude, you create the conditions for continuous improvement in your chosen game. .