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The Wacky Journey of a Precious Baseball | Sports



“That’s the real halo effect of protection,” Posner said. “Everything must be directly observed until the application of the hologram. Our standard must be irrefutable. Baseball is defined by history. How do we defend it?

Stuck with his hologram sticker, Descalso’s first ball went to Barry Weinberg, the Cardinals coach at the time. He sealed it in a Ziploc bag. Weinberg bought a calligraphy book years earlier to learn how to decoratively commemorate important baseballs. His writing lines have won trophies, from Eckersley to Pujols. For a first shot, Weinberg detailed the event, type of shot, location, date and thrower. He does not write the batter’s name on the ball. The batter gets the ball.

From Pittsburgh to Wrigley Field, baseball traveled with the team, then to St. Louis before returning home to the closet in San Carlos. In 2013, two and a half years later, renovations to Descalso’s childhood home began. The contents of the cupboards and filing cabinets have been moved to storage. Descalso’s father George said they “spent two Christmases away from home, two Thanksgiving, two baseball seasons, two everything.”

Descaussi moved around this time as well, out of his San Francisco apartment. Stepping into storage or out of an apartment, the ball came loose and rolled into the ecosystem of memories. Descalso believes he was lost, not stolen.