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The world’s first postage stamp in NFT


BlabarLAB through its CryptoPennyBlack project, https://cryptopennyblack.io/, has created a series of digital art NFTs inspired by the world’s first postage stamp, the iconic 1840 Penny Black.

At a recent auction of what may be considered the oldest known Penny Black, auction house Sotheby’s wrote: “It is one of the most important inventions in the history of the humanity, a forerunner of global mass communications.

CryptoPenny are handcrafted, divided into 12 different types with contrasting, eye-catching and bright colors, for a total of 3224 pieces.

The end result is a “hybrid of past and present, history, collectibles and digital art”.

The creation followed the story of the original Penny Black: in the individual NFT there are letters indicating its relative position in the plate, divided into 12 columns by 10 rows and the number of the 12 CryptoPenny proportionally follows the number of stamps printed originally, for example: plate #01A has 240 copies and plate #11 only eight copies.

The first plate of 240 copies will go on sale at the end of July 2022 on the main Nfts marketplaces: OpenSea and Rarible.

With the CryptoPennyBlack project, the BlabarLAB team wants to revolutionize the way NFTs are collected, shifting the focus from the absolute rarity of the individual nft to the relative rarity, to collection, as in the analog philately system. “It’s a concept inherent in collecting, which is a human activity and as such easily transferable from analogue to digital, so we believe it will gradually emerge in a natural and inescapable way”, Valentina Busi, PM of the BlabarLAB group.

“It is a project designed to last”, in fact, with the profits from the sales of Crypto Penny Black, a virtual space in the Metaverse will be created, with permanent exhibitions, events and, once a year, a competitive exhibition open to all owners of at least four CryptoPenny.

“Are we concerned about the impact of Crypto’s decline in value on the project? For some Crypto-currencies are virtual currencies, for others a store of value (“digital gold”), in reality no one knows exactly what they will be in the future and how they will evolve, for us they are medians through which the development of digital art through NFTs has been possible”. Valentina Busi, PM of the BlabarLAB group.

BlabarLAB is a group of professionals with start-up experience and different backgrounds, with a common passion for digital art and NFTs, who came together to give birth to the CryptoPennyBlack project. At its heart are investment banking personalities, web programmers and designers, web designers, artists, SMMs, of different nationalities: Italian, Spanish and Albanian.

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