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This could be Jay-Z’s biggest Flex watch to date



Jay-Z has a habit of doing ridiculous things with watches. There was the $ 2.2 million Patek Philippe he wore to Diddy’s birthday party a few years ago, and the even more expensive Richard Mille that took over 3,000 man hours to produce. . Oh, and don’t forget the ultra-rare Rolex Daytonas he sent out as party invitations in 2019. The guy specializes in the flexible watch.

But the watch he set off last night was really wild, even for Jay. In Hollywood for a screening of The more they fall, the Netflix movie he served as a producer on, Jay led a question-and-answer session with something serious on his wrist: the Tiffany Blue Patek Philippe Nautilus which is the easy choice for the hottest watch in the world. planet.

A little background: just over a week ago, Patek Philippe rocked the watchmaking world by explaining that, if it still planned to stop production of its highly coveted Nautilus 5711, it would release a definitive version of the room. There would have been a rush on the very last 5711 no matter what it looked like. But the specific piece Patek advertised – produced for sale at jeweler Tiffany & Co., with the watch face done in the brand’s legendary blue and stamped with the retailer’s name – ensured that it would almost instantly become the one of the most desired watches in the history of reading time. As GQ’s Cam Wolf explained last year, when it comes to the world of watch collecting, “there is no greater treasure than a Patek Philippe kissed with an official stamp from the legendary jeweler. Tiffany & Co “. A Tiffany stamped Patek in Tiffany blue? It’s a watch collector’s catnip.

While the first model sold at Philips auction last week for over $ 6.5 million, the ninth highest auction price for a watch …neverWith the proceeds going to Nature Conservancy, a source close to Jay-Z confirmed he was not the auction buyer. So how did Jay get his hands on one of Patek’s 170 products? Well, it probably didn’t hurt that he was, along with his wife Beyoncé, the new face of Tiffany, currently undergoing a redesign led by LVMH descendant Alexandre Arnault. As our Rachel Tashjian said, “Arnault wants Tiffany blue to be as coveted as Hermès orange, a global symbol of exclusivity and desire. A good way to do that is to get the color on the face of the most coveted watch on the planet and then on the wrist of a superstar like Jay-Z.