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Tips and whispers: Lifting the vape…


The Aussie quickly changes a game-changing title, we continue our search for a problem we won’t send the military to solve – and much more.

(Image: Adobe/Private Media)

Cum now Aus Headline Bot is a fascinating tool that collects headline changes from various online publications. He can sketch out the subtle shifts in framing and emphasis that go into selling a story, sometimes hinting at a desire to highlight divisive elements, sometimes a desire to avoid defamation, sometimes simply try to shorten and clarify what you are trying to say.

And then there are times when it lets you imagine how the responsible sub-editor justified briefly publishing a headline about long COVID symptoms with the word “cum” in it.

Vaping facelift When Sunrise described a segment yesterday thus: ‘There have been calls for army veterans to be recruited to help stamp out ‘out of control’ vaping in Queensland schools, we assumed it was acted as a beating, using a random tweet or vox pop to tie into a story where real experts are suggesting something that makes sense.

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