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Tommy Tuberville should resign. But he won’t


Senator Tommy Tuberville was paid over $5 million by Auburn University for not coaching. After he quit.

And then Auburn gave him a salary of $250,000 for what seems to have been a relatively easy job: special assistant to the president of the university. He told a sportswriter that he occasionally chats with the president of Auburn. And that, apparently, was the job.

Oh I almost forgot. In addition to these stacks of cash, Tuberville receives a pension from his time at Auburn – $57,638 a year.

Quite a loot, won on the backs of people he stereotyped as criminals at a Trump rally on Saturday. Which makes Tuberville one hell of a crime boss.

Tuberville traveled to Minden, Nevada – a 33-hour drive from the state he represents – to make perhaps his dumbest, most racist and deeply hypocritical public statement since being elected to the US Senate. .

Let’s start with the mute. “They want crime because they want to take what you have,” Tuberville said. “They want to control what you have.”

“They” in this case appear to be Democrats, although that also seems to overlap with Blacks, based on the rest of his statement. Either way, it’s a stupid assertion.

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So the Democratic Party wants crime? Let’s look at California, one of the most democratic states in the United States. Media reports suggest that Democrats in Los Angeles and San Francisco are unhappy with rising crime rates in those cities, putting Democratic and progressive candidates at risk.

But even outside of California, I’ve never met a single Democrat who “wanted the crime” — neither as a victim nor as a member of society. In fact, from what I can tell, all decent people want to live in crime-free neighborhoods where they can be safe. These are not political parties. It is a matter of common sense.

Speaking of which, one could infer from Tuberville’s statement that he thinks criminals target their victims by political party. A surprisingly ignorant claim. No foundation. No logic.

Wrong place, wrong time, any of us can become a victim of crime. The political party has nothing to do with it. Another reason why no sane person cheers on criminals.

Then the racist part. “They want reparations because they think the perpetrators are responsible for it. Bullshit! It is not due to them. »

Let’s connect the dots: the reparations… the people who commit the crime. What group of people do we associate with reparations?

Before, it was the Japanese. And that’s because Japanese Americans who were forced into internment camps during World War II actually got reparations in the early 1990s, thanks to the Civil Liberties Act of 1988. More than 82,000 people received $20,000 each and an official apology signed by President George HW Bush. .

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They deserved every penny – and more.

So who are we talking about? Indigenous peoples, also known as American Indians? No, but we should be. Their land was stolen from them. Their way of life decimated. We should talk about it, but no. Were not.

We are talking about my people. Black people. We, who are the descendants of slaves. Jim Crow survivors. Condemning the rental. Lynchings. KKK cross burns and night walks. Cities at sunset. We who built this country as slaves – free labor – and were deprived of millions of opportunities to create wealth and educate ourselves accordingly.

And Tuberville had the absolute nerve to spout the false stereotype that we “do the crime.” So stupid, racist and factually wrong.

Justice Department data indicates that of the 7,632,470 people arrested in 2020, 70% were white. Only 26% were black. Still, Tuberville said we “do the crime.”

Finally, the hypocritical part. Tuberville has been a head coach in college football for at least 21 years. During that time, he amassed an estimated net worth of $20 million on the backs of many – probably mostly – young black men. You know, those who “do the crime”.

Tuberville’s remarks were offensive on every level, compounded because they disparaged so many of us he was elected to represent. He is due to resign from the US Senate today.

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Of course, he won’t. But he needs it – his portrayal of our state is beyond shame.