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TTPost, Department of Agriculture present duplicate, local dishes on stamps



While it may not yet be possible to receive duplicates in the mail, it is now possible to send stamps with doubles and other local favorites.

A new line of stamps launched by TTPost in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries features a range of the country’s favorite dishes including doubles, roti, pelau and more.

The launch of the commemorative booklet, titled “Authentic Cuisine of Trinidad and Tobago”, took place at the NAMDEVCO office in Chaguanas in commemoration of World Food Day, celebrated on October 16.

Speaking at the event, Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries Minister Clarence Rambharat said Trinidad and Tobago food is a hallmark of local culture.

“Each of the stamps will undoubtedly resonate with a personal connection and it will also remind us of this country’s rich tradition.”

The stamps feature local dishes such as salted fish and its provisions, chicken pelau, crab and dumpling, doubles, bake and shark, roast corn, black pudding, cow’s heel soup, roast chicken and Sunday lunch.

The initiative was a collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries and TTPOST, and was the second such partnership between the two organizations, the first having taken place in 2018 at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Port of Spain.

TTPOST President Hakeem Ahmad also addressed the event, who said that by nurturing and promoting philately and philately, TTPOST will be able to partner with the national community to record and transmit our rich heritage to the international community.

“The stamps are illustrated ambassadors of the country on a small canvas. The collection of stamps of the year was intended to represent our local foods, which are a fusion of various cultural influences that make Trinidad and Tobago the beautiful melting pot to be discovered, even through the food. “

Also present at the launch were Minister of Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries, Senator Avinash Singh, Permanent Secretary (Ag.), MALF, Susan Shurland, Vice-President of TTPOST Michael Seales, General Manager of TTPOST Francis Lucien Delpesh and General Manager of Sales and Marketing, Carl Ramdeo.

The Authentic Cooking Stamp Collection Booklet will be available to the national community at all TTPOST locations from October 18, 2021.