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We tested Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda, a cute laptop that hides more surprises than you might think



The video game market is an expert in generating needs from scratch, the explosion of merchandising is a clear example.. Those of us who are already old have experienced this change. A few decades ago, finding any kind of Zelda-based product beyond the unspeakable anime series was like finding treasure. Today Nintendo operates its franchises with countless products that go beyond software and hardware, clothing of all kinds. even Lego packs. Waiting for, The Legend of Zelda turns 35 quietly and with products that, in principle, did not seem “so” special. That’s right, it’s not a number as round as the quarter-century reached in 2011, but still, this time around, the ceremony practically boiled down to the remastering of The Legend of Zelda: Sky Sword (title which, precisely, came to celebrate the twenty-five years of Link) and the launch of Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda. A party that seems small compared to what happened a year ago with the plumber. Of course, when the going is good, the Kiotos show that they’re always adept at creating needs from scratch, and this Game & Watch is a clear example of that..

No, last year I didn’t rush to the stores to buy the Super Mario Game & Watch. I have to my credit a Game & Watch Ball and some time ago I asked the question of collecting (I gained health). I got so detached from these kinds of products that I didn’t even consider getting the Zelda, and those are big words, because it’s a saga that I’ve always had a special relationship with. In those we were, firm as a rock and ready not to let Nintendo put me through the hoop of nostalgia. Yesterday the aforementioned machine came home, and I can only say that now I want Mario’s.

As small as it is beautiful

Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda That’s what it is, and by that I mean that’s precisely what it promises: a festive product as precious as the party it contains, intimately linked to the eyes of the person who consumes it, and designed to satisfy your target customers.

The box, tinted with the classic franchise gold, does not bear any kind of commemorative stamp (it seems Nintendo forgot before us that this was to celebrate this anniversary). But being courteous does not take away bravery, and as soon as you open it you can already feel certain signs of affection. The inner cardboard forms a black frame decorated with the Triforce and prepared to serve as an exponent of the console clock. Just unfold the pre-cut hind leg and we’ll have where to put it if our intention is to expose it.

To touch, the Game & Watch is as compact as it is light. A little bigger than the Ball, and practically identical to Mario’s, combines plastic with metal covering the front of the case. When you turn around you can see a Triforce ruling the lower rear part and additionally glowing in the dark.

With curiosity, What surprised me the most was what I least expected, and I mean everything that has to do with the functionality of the console.. It is clear that before almost any other alternative, I would not recommend anyone to start playing The Legend of Zelda in this Game & Watch. There are a thousand more comfortable and efficient ways to approach the classic, from the Switch itself (with the online subscription) to the countless versions that have been plaguing the market since the Game Boy era. However, I have already noticed: I spent more time than expected playing, for example Link’s Awakening.

Three video games, a watch and several surprises

But in order to add a bit of organization, let’s do it piecemeal. The first thing to clarify is the content, what it offers in terms of software. Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda trae consigo tres videojuegos: The Legend of Zelda, The Legend of Zelda II: the Adventure of Link y The Legend of Zelda: the Link’s Awakening. The thing does not end there in terms of entertainment software, since if you go to the official product page on the Nintendo website, you will come across a series of secrets that, on the other hand, you like to discover by touching the button. machine. . In my case, this is one of the things that I enjoyed the most. Right off the bat, know that in the first iteration of the franchise it is also included, accessible from the start, like the second quest. A more difficult version of the foundational adventure that you can unlock by tapping Zelda when choosing a name for the game. a version of the classic Game & Watch with Link and available in two game modes: GAME A and GAME B, each with its own difficulty levels.

The size of the console is really small.

Another interesting addition is the ability to access different versions of titles included. Since you can dive into Japanese and Western deliveries, which will allow you to appreciate the differences that occur, for example, in the music and sound effects of the original Zelda compared to our version. Of course, forget the translations, Spanish is always out of the equation. On the other hand, depending on the title you play, you can discover different illustrations that will remind more than one user manual of the time.

Finally, we have the star function of the console, which can make it reign on the shelf in our living room: the watch. By putting him in this role, the machine will remain on, displaying the time on different screens, allowing each time we consult it, let’s look at a different environment of Hyrule. Locations vary by time of day, forming a 12 hour loop that is an adventure in itself. In addition, if we wish, we can make music composed by Koji Kondo (with the surprising sound of the machine), the ambiance of our stay throughout the day. Best of all, just press the crosshead at any time to control Link while the console continues to perform its function. As a good digital watch, the inclusion of a stopwatch couldn’t be missed. Now in this case the timer shift keeps a surprise; a time trial mode, from The Legend of Zelda II, in which you kill 21 enemies in the shortest possible time.

Game & Watch: The Legend of Zelda does not hide its status as an exhibitor product. In fact, he kisses her and turns his own wrapper into a lectern designed for him. It’s not, by far, the best way to play all that he brings. Corn This is what it claims to be: a mini portable game console that celebrates the Zelda universe, and it will delight anyone, as a servant, who has a special sentiment towards the Triforce Saga. If this is your case, I can only tell you the following: “It’s dangerous to go there alone!” Take this”.

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