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World’s first postage stamp could sell for millions at Sotheby’s auction



The world’s first postage stamp, the Penny Black, goes up for auction. Sotheby’s estimates it could sell for as much as $ 8.25 million.

The article, from 1840, is the first securely dated example of the first postage stamp. The adhesive stamp, which features a profile of Queen Victoria, is attached to a document dated April 10, 1840.

It comes from the archives of British Postal Service reformer Robert Wallace, who was a Scottish politician.

The Penny Black, which introduced a flat rate, was used from May 6, 1840. Before that, the recipient paid the postage.

“It is the very first and oldest known dated stamp,” said Alan Holyoake, the current owner of the Penny Black stamp. “It came from the very, very first sheet ever to be printed.

“And the fact that Wallace signed, dated and published his note on the album confirms the fact that this is the very first example of a postage stamp, which of course every country uses now and actually in 1870. the world was using. “

The stamp is one of three Penny Blacks that are believed to have survived from the first sheet of stamps printed. The other two are part of the collection of the British Post Museum.

The auction price for it was set between four and six million dollars.

“I would be disappointed if it didn’t go beyond that, because it’s a global icon. It’s the world’s first stamp,” added Holyoake.

“It took me three years with a team of people to collect the information and be able to validate it. It is certified by all the highest authorities and has been presented at major events as the star element.

The stamp will be auctioned on December 7 during the Sotheby’s Treasures sale.

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